Land Use, Zoning & Regulation

Practice Areas

Zoning laws consist of the regulation of new construction in urban areas and how urban land or real estate can be used. Texas has the power to regulate and restrict the use of real estate within the cities and municipalities of the state, as well as regulate the specifics of height, spacing, and construction of buildings within its jurisdiction. Most zoning disputes involve wrongful denials of permits and licenses, exactions and regulatory takings, and annexation procedures. We can prepare zoning applications, draft regulations, and provide representation in negotiations and hearings for developers and landowners. Navigating the permitting process of new developments can be very challenging. Texas Landowner Law Firm seeks to assist in the complexities of the permitting and licensing process and intercession with governmental agencies. Some of the areas where we can help include:

  • Annexation petitions
  • Board of Adjustment variances
  • Community Advocacy
  • Condemnation/eminent domain
  • Construction contracts
  • Corporate entity creation
  • Development rights transfers
  • Entitlements of master-planned communities
  • Environmental regulations
  • General plan amendments
  • Infrastructure development agreements
  • Land development
  • Landmark proceedings
  • Leasing negotiations and contracts
  • Planned development districts/planned unit developments
  • Signage rights
  • Site plans, development plans, and other non-discretionary municipal approvals
  • Specific use permits and defense of permits
  • Transportation and local licensing
  • Zoning and Land Use Analysis & Opinions
  • Zoning applications and changes

Texas Zoning Attorney

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