Homeowners Associations

Practice Areas

The Texas Landowner Law Firm represents both Homeowners and Condominium Associations, as well as landowners living within the boundaries of an association. As Texas homeowners association lawyers, the attorneys at Texas Landowner Law Firm have represented homeowners associations and developers in the following ways:

  • Advise on governance issues
  • Assessment collections, lien preparation and foreclosure
  • Assisting in contract negotiation
  • Assisting management companies with various issues
  • Assisting with meetings and elections
  • Drafting, interpreting, enforcing, and amending deed restrictions,
  • Enforcement of deed restrictions
  • Interpretation of bylaws
  • Preparing, interpreting, enforcing, and amending the governing documents

Our attorneys also represent landowners who are in dispute with overbearing homeowners associations. We will represent you in financial disputes and disputes over extreme constraints on the use of your property. For landowners within the boundary of a POA, HOA, or Condominium Association, we have experience handling the following:

  • Assessment of excessive HOA fees
  • Assessment of unjust fines for non-compliance with HOA covenants
  • Denial of access to association records and minutes
  • Helping correct discrimination against homeowners
  • Helping homeowners enforce bylaws
  • Helping homeowners take corrective actions against an HOA
  • Removing liens against your property
  • Signage disputes
  • Wrongful denial of ACC/ARC requests
  • Wrongful foreclosure

Texas Homeowners Association Attorney

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