Commercial Real Estate

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The commercial real estate market in Texas is unique and complex. Even the simplest mistake in a commercial real estate transaction can turn a deal sour, or worse, lead to a prolonged legal battle.

Hiring a Texas real estate attorney that possesses the knowledge and experience to handle all your commercial real estate needs will make transacting commercial real estate less stressful.

For commercial real estate buyers, sellers, lenders, and investors, our Texas real estate attorneys can help you navigate your commercial real estate issues, including:

Leasing commercial real estate is just as complex as transacting for it. Both landlords and tenants need an experienced real estate attorney in their corner to review the lease document and ensure for favorable terms.

For commercial landlords and tenants, our Texas real estate attorneys are equipped to handle:

  • Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Default and Remedies
  • Exclusivity and Permitted Uses 
  • Insurance and Indemnification Clauses
  • Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • Maintenance and Repair Obligations
  • Options to Renew 
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Tenant Build-Out Allowances

Texas Commercial Real Estate Attorney

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