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What is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain is the power of the government or an authorized private entity to take private property for a public use. The government or entity is required to pay the landowner "just and adequate compensation" for the condemned property. Texas has adopted the Texas Landowners Bill or Rights (codified in Chapter 21 of the Texas Property Code), which lays out the requirements of the condemning authority and the rights of the landowner. The condemning authority must provide a copy of the Texas Landowners Bill of Rights to any landowner from whom it wishes to take property. Among many other requirements, the government or authorized private entity must also provide an appraisal of the property from a certified appraiser. The landowner is entitled to seek his or her own appraisal, as well as, legal representation.

Texas law values the concept of private property and provides more protections for landowners in the midst of condemnation proceedings than many other states. However, due to Texas' ever-growing population, your rural, commercial, or residential property could be the subject of a condemnation proceeding.

Does the government or private companies ever offer less than the fair market value for the property taken?

In my experience - almost always. It is important to have competent attorneys, appraisers, and other experts in your corner to ensure you don't get bullied into a low offer from the condemnor.

Can I refuse the government or private company's first offer to buy my property?

If you believe your land is worth more than the government is offering, you have the right to refuse the initial offer. In fact, if you have not had time to consult with a Texas condemnation attorney, you probably should reject the first offer.

Do I need an Eminent Domain Attorney?

There is no reason for not employing an eminent domain attorney. Most of the offers by the government or condemning entities are much lower than the what you deserve.

Is my lawyer going to charge me to handle my case?

We represent landowners on a contingency fee basis. That means that if we do not increase your compensation above the first offer for the property being condemned, you do not pay us anything.

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